Cellulose paint problems


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I have just completed a cellulose black finish on a guitar, I am a fairly experienced paint sprayer and usually don't have any serious problems. The finish started of with a few coats of sanding sealer which were block sanded back perfectly flat, then a few coats of black which again was block sanded back to an even matte finish, then three coats of clear lacquer (cellulose) it was then left to dry for a week. I then sanded it back with 1500 wet and dry, followed by 2000 and finished of with a cutting compound and the whole thing looks like a mirror...Prefect...After a few days I take another look and some areas appear to have what looks like a VERY fine dust covering, I try to polish this out but to no avail and on closer inspection with a magnifying glass it appears that the "dust" is between the black and the clear coat!....Any ideas???


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I'm not for sure what that could be, but it sounds like really what you need to do is resand it with like 1000 grit, then add a couple more coats of black then reclear