Body Work Dilemma


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That's interesting that two experienced guys haven't heard of the thinner I am using. Maybe it's a regional thing. I got it from a reputable paint supply store here in the valley. Lot's of pros use his products.

BTW: my situation is only going to get worse with the summer coming on. I always have the low humidity to contend with but now it will be heat too. We have extreme conditions out here in the desert. I think I am going to forego any serious paint attempts until about the end of Sept unless I gain a lot more hands on success and practice with this stuff. Also, we have brief windows of mild weather that break the desert heat. But I should gain some traction on the process as I keep inching my way into it. I like the way I have my compressor and equipment set up at least. Now to find the right combos for the paint. I probably will waste some material in the process but need the practice. I appreciate the tip about the thinners. Especially the pre-mix paint. That turned out to be wrong on so many levels it's not even funny! Thank you, WEK.