TrueCoat Plus Dripping


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So I finally went back to rust-oleum paint job project and I bought a True Coat Plus by Graco. When I spray Pure Rust-oleum gloss black paint, as they showed in the commercial, it sprays smooth but not like in the commercial. It drips down and gets all distorted. I tried thinning it and it was unbelievably drippy that time too. What can I do so it sticks on the paint better, or comes out at a smoother rate/way?

Thanks in advance!



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I would say you are moving to slow trying to do it in one coat. you will need to play with it to get it right also what you dont see is that those painters on the commercial are pro's made to look like normal peeps. since its an airless gun you will not need to thin at all (thinning will make it much worse)


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I don't know if you can adjust the gun settings, but if you can, you'll probably need to adjust the fan along with the fluid. Plus you'll need to adjust the distance between what you are spraying and the gun