Tri-Coat sprayout card


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Whenever doing a 3-stage repair I spray a spray out card first.
First, take a spray out card and spray with groundcoat of 3-stage color until hiding is achieved.
Second, I tape off approximately 1/7th of the card width wise.
Third, spray remaining untaped portion with a 1 coat of topcoat color.
Fourth, tape off another 7th of the card right above the first one that you have already taped.
Repeat the third and fourth steps until you have the card full. After it flashes remove all tape, and then apply tape over half of the entire card lengthways (so that one half of everything you just sprayed is covered).
Last, clear over portion remaining open. When dry peel tape off.
With the cleared half you can match it up to the vehicle to see how many coats are needed for a match, and with the half that is left in base, you can take it in the booth with you when spraying to make sure that your base matches the one on the card that you picked as a match.