Starting with the basic ?

So I guess the first question that I have is ..... “what type and size compressor is actually required to get the job done right ?

If there is a thread that is already started that You can point me to , that would be appreciated as well .

So I’m considering going the route of using a gun and compressor to paint my 1500 . I’ve searched the web and have been pulled all over the place in regards to what is the minimum required cfm air compressor to get the job done ? Do I really need 8 cfm ?

I’d like to gain the experience and satisfaction of doing it myself but I feel spending thousands of dollars on equipment that I’ll use once isn’t worth it .
Thanks for all responses in advance


You should always go bigger rather than smaller when purchasing a compressor. If you go too small, you'll work the compressor to death and end up with moisture and oil problems. One of the medium to larger compressors from Lowes or Home Depot should work out fine.
If you plan on just doing painting bike, you may be able to just rent one.
Some of them are also 220v so you'll also have to consider that
Thanks Taz ! That’s very useful . I went with a 20gal vertical . The task we didn’t seem to complex was just overthinking it . So far I have everything painted but the tank. Will probably take the tank because I want my tank airbrushed .


You can always paint the tank, clearcoat it, wetsand it dull, give it to the airbrush person and let them do their thing.
Then you (or they) reclear it. I'm sure that will save you quite a bit of $$