siphon feed or hvlp?


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ok I need some advice I haven't painted in a few years and still have my devilbiss siphon feed JGA 502 with a 43 cap I have some projects coming up and wondering if I can get by with this gun spraying base/ clear or should I use it for base and spend the cash on a decent HVLP gun and what gun would you recommend I buy I was looking at the devilbiss techna pro lite but have never used one and don't want to blow the cash if I don't have to the finish from an hvlp gun really that much better laying down clear ?

thanks Sean


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Hi Shawn,

Sure, you can use that gun. I used to use JGA's all the time for basecoat/clearcoats.


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thank you for the reply I realise the hvlp wastes less paint but why did everyone switch to hvlp environmental reasons or waterbourne paint
about 15 years ago I bought a devilbiss hvlp gun cant remember the model but I painted a couple of cars with it and sold it I found it really slow and I got better finishes with my old siphon feed