Rust converers


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Mornin guys, now that most of my sandblasting is done on the 30 A pickup and it being winter in a non-heated garage Im really starting to worry about rust. These tins have quite a bit of pitting anyway, so the rust is just waiting to pop up and spread again. I know picklex was suggested, but CHRIST $140 a gallon lol. One product this is available to me right down the road from Westco is PPG DX520, its phosphoric acid same as all the others and compatable with most epoxy sealers. Has anyone used this product, and how did you like it?254686_171226592945815_100001754276005_381150_2923315_n.jpg


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On the 68 Coronet Super Bee I'm working on now, the guy had the car chemically stripped then it sat in the desert for about 10 years, it was pretty much red when we got it. Being a DuPont shop, we use their 5717S and 5718S conversion system. basically scrub the 5717S on, after you've taken any scale off with 36 or 80 grit on a sander, with a red scotchbrite pad(works best I've found) and let work for 2-5 minutes, rinse off, then scrub the 5718S on the same way, let it react for about 5 minutes, then rinse and dry quickly. Left us with great clean metal. Then epoxy seal it, never had a problem with rust coming back, but it is kind of pricey compared the SEM.



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No problem or complaint with picklex at all. A gallon goes a looooooong way. You don't have to rinse. And can go straight to epoxy. Make sure the epoxy has no acid period.