Non-painter needing basic House of Kolor info


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As stated in subject and my intro, I am NOT a painter though I have painted in the 80s. I just really enjoy learning about everything related to restoration. I do welding, bodywork etc but leave paint to those with the skills and equipment. So I have a couple questions about House of Kolor paint. I understand that using different bases can change the effect of your top coat color, ie. black under Pagan Gold vs. silver under it.
I am about 8 months from booth time on my 68 Caddy build and have decided on silver. I like the look of House of Kolor Orion silver with a very fine flake.
From my understanding, Orion is a base for other colors BUT can also be the base coat for jut a clear coat. Am I following this right?

Any other silvers on the lighter side with a very fine metallic flake that you experts would recommend? i like the timeless look of silver and the way it helps all the chrome on a Caddy to really light up.

Thanks for y'alls patience with this.


Yes, any of the HOK base colors (Shimrin) can just be clear coated over for a final color. I did a Corvette for a friend a few years ago, and found a Mercedes silver metallic that was super fine, and very brilliant. I can't remember the year, but it must have been 2003-2010. Brightest silver I've seen.