New to HoK Neons


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Hey Folks,

I'm a custom bike builder (bicycle that is). My next bike is one for myself and I want it to be ridiculously loud. I've settled on HoK Neon Vermillion but have a few questions about the process.

For the best pop I know neons need to be applied on a white base or on something that's been tinted toward the neon color.
Originally my plan was to lay down some white KD3000 and then go directly on top with the HoK neon since it's a direct-to-metal surfacer/sealer.
As I've been reading through the HoK tech docs they suggest using Ko-Seal II as a ground + base coat.
Here's the Q: can I simply get away with the DK3000 (it is, after all, labeled as a sealer) or do I need to lay another coat of sealer on top of it?

Of course I'd prefer to not shell out an extra bit of $$ if I don't have to but it's obviously well worth it if there's a risk to the entire paint job.

Thanks ya''ll.



I'm familiar with the HOK line but not with the DK3000 sealer. I've sprayed the neon paint a couple times and I've sprayed a white sealer (KS-10), then sprayed a couple coats of white base, then the neon. If they say you can spray a base over the sealer directly, then I would say you are find with the DK3000 sealer. No need to spray back to back sealers
Also, keep in mind, neons are lightfast. They don't last long in the sunlight.
This depends on how much light it gets and where you live. Down here in FL, it wouldn't last long at all