Need advice about sanding


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I am a noob when it comes to the painting process. So my question refers to the attached picture. Will this mark/scratch(whatever you wanna call it) show after paint and 2k clear? I tried using a machine sanding tool and i don’t think I used it correctly and I messed up my whole spoiler with marks like the one in the picture. So I’ve been trying to sand it out and no matter what I do, the marks aren’t disappearing. I felt the marks with my hands and the whole spoiler is now smooth to the nail after sanding a lot more though.662AF0AA-7C7A-4084-B105-D9F25CE6DC3B.jpeg


What grit is it? If it's that visible, it will probably show up in final paint. I would sand it with a smoother grit. Also it looks lke there might have been some dirt stuck in the sandpaper, and it made deeper scratches than the sandpaper.