Mixing paint into primer noob


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This will be my first attempt on painting. I have an old crv that’s used as my trail rig. The paint is beyond tore up. Not looking to spend a lot on paint so I’ve been researching primers and such. Would like to achieve the flat “tan” or “sand” look. Would I be able to tint a gallon of rust oleum primer with an oil based paint? Im looking to get close to a gallon of primer/paint. Is the mixing ratio close to 3 qts primer 1qt color? I’m completely new to painting. Everyone is probably against this here but, I thought I’d ask. It might sound like a hack job, but it is only a beater/trail rig that gets scratched up often.


No clue about Rustoleum, I only use 'good' paint. And BOY is that stuff getting expensive! Makes me sick!


Yea, I couldn't help you out either.
I would at least check out a local production shop like Maaco or Econo and tell them you want a 'flat' paint job.
All they need to do is add some flattening agent to their paint.