Flow coating

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well it's a little late on the reply,but yep your right. Sure helps to eliminate that orange peel to. It only takes a tad of over reducing, but works very well. Good tip.


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On the last coat usually i over reduce the clear, however people keep it in mind while doing the last coat over reduced clear will run easier.


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===== Got this email from Cozee pertaining to this thread===
Well, I can tell I definitely don't want to be a part of your forum. Perhaps if people really wanted to do things right instead of cutting corners but oh well, shoddy people make for shoddy work. And speaking of shoddy, funny how I cannot login any more.

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Yea I hear you, you must be a noob to the internet.
You'll learn over time, that there are people out there with different opinions as yours and do things differently than you.

There are situations out there that you don't have to paint 'buy the book'
I'm sure this hasn't happened with you, but I know I've gotten dirt in the paint before and I'll put extra clear on it so I know I have enough material to buff it out. No, it's not the "by the book" way, but it gets the job done.

Also, if you have to get a job done quickly and it's 35 degrees out and the basecoat and clear is like molasses, and you don't have time to warm the paint, you'd still put in the proper amount of reducer?
That would be a peely mess if you don't. I always put a little extra reducer in the paint....Not by the book, but it doesn't do any harm.

I'm assuming that you feel the same way about 'shoddy' paint. Not everyone out there has the money to burn like you for the only finest of materials. Personally, I think that $140 for a quart of paint or $1000 just in materials to paint a car is quite high, but some people can't afford this.

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Hi, coating of paint that is poured or flowed over an object. Any excess is allowed to drain off and may be reusable. This procedure is used to coat the interiors of pipes and small vessels and the exteriors of surfaces inaccessible by other application methods. Thanks!