First go at Marbleizing


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Pics are from my website, and the website is down right now, as soon as I can get it back up I'll let you know.
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Looks super! Nice colors! Like the pinstriping within the dash hole.
Nice striping on the edge of the tribals to!

Watch painting the very top of the the fuel bung. The fuel vapors will get to the edge of that paint and work it's way backwards by discoloring and softening the paint.

to Don, I see the pics in the first post. Possibly yourbrowser?


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I practiced on my phone case during work today. Came out exactly how I want it to be on my bike.
Jet Black, Clear
Silver, blender, plastic wrap, Kandy Koncentrate
Clear you think it would change the color/effect if I did a Root Beer instead of black or will it end up looking the same?

Thanks for the tips 801!
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Looks good!

I would imagine that a root beer base would make it more subtle.

In this job, the main color of grey on the tank was used as the background for the texture in stead of black. I came in with Orion silver, textured it, then sprayed HOK Kandy Brandywine. The effect is very subtle, even though its a fairly dark grey. The black is what gives it the contrast ;)