dupont cromax

paul t

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Hello, great site guys! Tons of info.
My question, has anyone had any experience airbrushing with Dupont cromax water based paint?
I'm new to airbrushing so wanna spend as little as possible til I get my skills up a little.
The bodyshop where I work uses cromax so I can use that.
Any tips on spraying/ reducing / general things to look out for would be much appreciated
Thanks in advance, Paul.


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From my experience with Cromax, it should be thin enough already since you're supposed to use a smaller fluid tip than most solvent paints. You just need to make sure that your air brush is compatible with waterborne, that it has a high enough grade stainless that will not rust. We were told that some of the older Sata and most all Devilbiss(save for the Tekna line) would not work with waterborne. That is about all I know about it so far, not sure if they were 100% correct on the older guns not being high enough grade stainless for waterborne, but didn't want to try and end up trashing a $300+ paint gun.