Clear coat removal


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Sun damaged clear coat. Clear has yellowed, blistered and resembles the color of lemonade. Large patches of the clear has flaked off, revealing the Toyota 040 Super White beneath.

I hesitate to ask such a stupid question like this - has the state-of-the-art revealed an easy way to remove damaged clear coat without damaging the base paint underneath?

This is dumb, but would boiling water lift the damaged clear coat, and not the base, which appears to be in great shape? ( I told you it was dumb).

The yellow is the damaged clear coat. The white patches are the actual white base coat.


You can't just remove the clearcoat and reshoot it. Many reasons. Once the clear is compromised, the basecoat is exposed to the weather. Basecoats are made to be porous, so the clear soaks into them, bonding it. Well, it also means the base will absorb water. When sanding this sort of problem, you almost always find that the metal has rusted underneath the base color, extending even farther than you would think. Once water gets under the clear it soaks into the base traveling under the clear, making the peeling even worse.
Strip it to bare wherever it's peeled, or just do all the horizontal surfaces for a good job. Anything else will fail.


Yes...but I forgot to add, if you live in an extremely dry climate, like the deserts of NV, NM, etc, this might not happen. In most parts of the country it's the case. But the best check is to use some paint stripper to remove a section of the hood, and see what's under it (sanding might remove the rust, if you try it that way)