Bike Paint Primer Dilemma


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I've taken to painting bicycle frames for my own sense of style over the past few years. I've sprayed 3 frames with Rust-Oleum universal spray cans. Each time with metallics. The beauty about using these are that they are primer and colour in one. I've never had to worry about primer before.

Which brings me to my newest project. I've decided to give acrylic a go and after searching and researching, I decided to use Montana gold to paint this frame.

I got Montana's DTM primer and proceeded to do the priming and first topcoat in one session.

It wasn't until the following day that I learned I should have waited 3 hours before hitting it with a colour coat. I maybe waited 20 minutes.

Is this a problem? Do I need to start over or is there something I can do so that I don't have to start from scratch?

If anyone has experience with painting bikes with acrylic,I would appreciate your knowledge and experience. And moreso if you've had any experience using Montana gold.

Might I add, I laid the primer on a hot night. It was 25°c+. It was also somewhat humid.

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I really don't see a problem in this, especially since it was a warmer night. As long as you didn't see any issues, you should be fine.

Normally what can happen if you apply different types of primers and paints over each other quickly is the previous coats cannot 'breath', thus those coats will stay soft. In your case, the spray can over the primer shouldn't be a problem since the spray can type paint really doesn't harden that quickly.
Hope that makes sense