Advice for new compressor airline set up


New member
My new compressor doesn't have a moisture trap fitted so I was wondering if those little ones attached to the airbrush would be enough or should I go ahead and replace the regulator that came with the compressor.

Also I would like to run an LVLP spray gun, should I use a bigger airline for that or can I use the usual thin airbrush line, the gun specs are:

  • Air consumption: 67-92 l/min
  • Operating pressure: 2,0-3,5bar
  • Painting nozzle: 0,8mm



Staff member
That should be all right just to use somesort of a filter on the end of the airbrush. I don't know for sure.
If it was me, I would just go ahead and at least just go ahead and put one on the compressor just to be safe.

I don't know if that compressor is big enough to use a bigger spray gun. You might get away with just doing something small. Possibly a helmet or a motorcycle tank or fender.
IF you can use that compressor, I would think you'd need the bigger hose to.