1960 caravan. Do I need to take down to bare metal? Rust stains evident on top coat.


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I'm restoring a 1960 steel caravan and apart from a tiny bit of welding on the door, some holes in the seals and a few areas where bare rust metal is showing, 90% of the paint looks good and just needed a sand down to re spray back over it (its a stone chip type of textured effect so I just sanded the bumps smooth).

However, on the roof, there were rusty 'stains' ie. not flakey rust as such. If I sand these areas the rust disappears to leave good clean paint or primer, depending on how deep I sand. However, having go a nice cleanly prepped roof, still keeping the original paint, I decided to go through to the bare metal on one of the ares which has the rust stains and it revealed that the bare metal had brown stains too - again, not actual rot set in, but clearly rust which has probably seeped through the paint layers. My concern is, if I re spray over the roof knowing there are areas all over it which have this, are they areas which will eventually be first to rust, so do I need to eradicate these areas by sanding to bare metal and removing the rusty stains? Here's a few photos in stages to show how the rusty stains transpire - the socket was marked and placed in the same position to show scale and so you can compare the same area.