100L compressor constantly on when using palm sander


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Should a 100L compressor be on 95% of the time when sanding with a palm sander? It's a decent SIP upright one, and it cuts off at 8bar, the sander says it needs 6bar, but literally after 30-40 seconds of sanding it's down to 6bar so starts up and never regains 8bar if I'm still using it - if I down the tool, it takes probably 3-4 mins to get back up to 8bar. Just seems a lot of compressor use, and it gets hot - sanding a whole car would mean the sander could be on for at least 15 mins flat out with only a short break...?

Interested in any views or advice.


Some types of air tools use way more air than others, DA sanders for instance. I've found that cheaper air tools use more air than the more costly ones, as well. Not much you can do about it.


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Hi guys, I am a newbie to the forum. my opinion concurs with chopolds about the tool quality. I have a 100 ltr tank compressor and find that a D.A. does drain it quite quickly . however , with being patient and using the sander in short bursts on a speed it is quitesuccessful