wool pad

yousif almadani

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dear members

do you wash the wood pad with water???
let me know how you wash or clear the wool pad??
and ho to keep it cleat for next day??

thank you

Brian Dee

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after you have finished buffing, take a screwdrive holding it against the pad, then turn on your buffer. Works great. But dont try this on a foam pad you'll tear them apart. Just make sure that you hold the screwdriver in a way. That the pad spins away from you. You dont want it spinning towards you, when holding the SD on the pad. Works great. Use a light touch.
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We have always taken them home and put them in the washing machine.....if you have a high pressure hose and some soap....will do the same thing. Turn them upside down and let them dry over night !!!!


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For wool pads I spur (or screwdriver) it good on the buffer. When finished with the pad I then stick the pad in a bucket of hot soapy water rubbing it with my hand as to clean. Remove give a few shakes throw it on the buffer and spin it a few seconds on high speed. For foam pads skip the spur stage (unless you have the special rubber spurring tool) you will ruin the foam. when they load up I go Go straight into the bucket as before.
Here is a spur for the wool pads: