Which cheap gun should I buy


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My lad is a motorbike mechanic and has been repairing moped panels with cans to a reasonable standard, however I want to get him started with a mini spray gun.
I have noticed plenty of £15 ones which I want to avoid but don't want to spend too much until he cuts his teeth a bit.

I have seen a number of guns on machinemart listed below but I am totally confused, can any one help please as the company's tech support is out of action mostly.

Based on the info above, what would you folks suggest I buy please.

I have a Powercraft 25/180 (aldi) compressor 8 bar max

Clarke PGF14 Gravity Fed Pro Spray Gun £32.39
Clarke Spray Gun - SP18C £34.79
Clarke AP16GF Gravity Fed Spray Gun£35.98
Clarke Pro-18C Spray Gun £28.79
Clarke Spray Gun - SP14C £34.79
Clarke Air Texture Gun - CTG8
Clarke PRO14C Spray Gun £28.79
Clarke Pro Spray Gun - PRO12C £28.79
Clarke AP8GF Professional Gravity Fed HVLP Mini Spray Gun £45.59
Clarke TG2 Professional Touch-Up Gun £20.39
Clarke HVLP Spray Gun - AP15 £35.98
Clarke AP17 Professional HVLP Spray Gun With 1.7mm Nozzle £47.90


I'm not familiar with that brand. For doing small parts, and I consider even full size motorcycle pieces, small parts, you can get by with a touch up gun. Usually half the size of a 'normal' spray gun, usually with a 0.8 or 1.0 cap. Are you from the UK? If so, spraygunsdirect.com is a great source, I'd even order from them, for delivery in the US, their prices are so good! Here's a link to a good touch up gun.

There are cheaper guns, but they can be more difficult to set up, or diagnose problems with (many have manufacturing defects), so they would be difficult for a beginner to set up and use. So unless you can get a pro to help with a cheap gun to show how to adjust and use it, and fix it if it's not working correctly, get a decent quality gun. Iwatas, and others are pro quality and not necessary for beginners.