Which air filtration systems work best?


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Hi, new to forum and I hope you people will be able to help. I need an air filtration system for my compressor. I looked into the Camair QC3 but it had poor reveiws. I would like one that is versatile, easy to get filters/media and will work without having to worry about it and not break the bank. I do not want to use disposable filters because on large jobs I would wind up using alot of them. The environment my compressor is in is humid and even with a dehumidifier is still humid, there is nothing that can be done about that. The amount of use the unit will get will range from short small jobs to large jobs. The specifications of my compressor are single stage, 240 volt, 60 gallon, 21.2 displacement cfm, 6.5 hp producing 14.2 scfm @ 40 psi and 9.9 scfm @ 90 psi. The gun I'll be using is a very low air consumption HVLP gun.