What tinted sealer for new paint


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Good morning all. Had a quick question for yall and see if anyone has used this paint yet.
I'm painting a BMW motorcycle with the new 3 stage 2020 Ford Ruby Red Pearl/candy.
The current paint is a dark metallic blue. The base coat for the red is a copper/gold base.
What do you recommend as a sealer for the blues as to get a good coverage with my base coat.
Any suggestions would be most appreciated. I am utilizing MATRIX product.


I use Dupont (now called Axalta) paints for stock colors. They can tell you what shade of gray to use under your chosen color. They don't use color sealers any more, just value shades of gray. Not familiar with Matrix, so question your supplier about it.


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If you are doing your own sealer mix, I would suggest like a medium gray The copper/gold color should cover this nicely