Vinyl Cutter/Plotter



That website is a God send!
We paid like $500 for a book and CD's of corporate logos in EPS, then I found that site last year and it has everything....for free!


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Since I can't draw,I just ordered a 24in vinyl cutter,I have no idea what software to use yet,(it comes with LXI apprentice software)I just got 50,000 vector clip art to start with.Does anyone have any suggestions as what else I should get?I got it for stencils, lettering etc.,they sell a sheet mask for painting,I can cut for flames and graphics etc.that looks pretty cool.I know it's kinda cheating but,I don't want to turn down a job because of my lack of artistic ablity.Thanks,jim
Jim how is that vinyl cutter treating you? I know it's an old post and vinyl cutters don't change that much over the years. Also sorry for being off topic. I'm looking for a good vinyl cutter for a few projects and it's hard to find real reviews. Amazon is a mess since people are challenged. I've read many sites until I came across a different site where many vinyl cutters are listed. Since you already have experience which one would you recommend?