Tack Rag Tip



Here is a great tip for all you newbies (and veterans) on how to prep a new tack rag.

You should never use a tack rag straight out of the wrapper.

In the below pics, you can see that once you take it out of the wrapper, completely open it up. Then you will need to fold it back up nice a loosely packed tack rag back to about the same size as when you took it out of the wrapper.

Brand new tack rag in the wrapper

Once you remove the tack rag, it will look like this. You will note, that this is VERY sticky.
Do not use it like this!

Completely unfold the tack rag

Fold it back up fairly so it's fairly loose. Fold it so it was about the same size as when you opened it.
This should fit right in your hand.

To store it you can use either a baby jar or a bag.

You will find that this not only will pick up particles better, but it will also help prevent leaving sticky streaks over your paint. Sometimes the streaks will cause problems when applying your sealer or basecoat, or even clearcoat.


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I don't get it. You unfold it then fold it up again ?? Do you fold it sticky side in or something ?


When you first take a tack rag out of a package, its completely packed into a VERY tight small square. Once you open it, then loosely refold it, you will find, this is not only less sticky, but it will pick up dirt better.
The rag is completely sticky, so both sides are the same.
Try it, you'll see what I mean.


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Thanks for the feedback! Glad you found it worked better for you!
I agree to, definitely feels better, versus the feel of running a 'pad' across a ready to paint surface.


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I alwas open my tack rag,and leave it hanging unfolded for at least a half hour. before using. This lets a wee bit of solvents vaperize. Keep in mind..a tack rag makes paint stick beter.