Sun Gun


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A Sun Gun is a tool that every painter should have. Take it in the booth with the lights turned off after applying base, and it will show if you have complete coverage, also shows if it is mottly much better than with the lights on, and shows how your blend looks better than just booth lights. Also use for seeing if there is any sand scratches left after buffing.


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interesting1 never heard of one. Do you have any pics of one along with more info. thanks


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I have never heard of turning the lights off while using it but I know you can pick them up off ebay from $100-200


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I agree turning the lights off shows you everything they should design light fixtures for booths with
these in place great product, had mine for about 9 years now.just gotta make sure you dont have any
overspray on the bulb or it could throw the color off.


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I acknowledge switching the lighting off reveals you everything they should style lighting for cubicles with
these in place great item, had my own for about 9 years now.just have to make sure you do not need any
overspray on the mild or it could toss along with off.