sudden reaction


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Today I finished getting the 2K filler primer on the car. In the back of my mind I had concerns about the gun ..I'd dropped it earlier. Si I thought I'd do a test on a rear panel. It went on fine. After lunch I came back to put met base on the whole car. Mixed up a 500ml of the same paint as used before..same hardner . thinner etc . Cave the car a wipe down with pre wipe degreaser ( As I had before the morning test ) and started to hit the car...all I got this time was fish eyes everywhere..instantly! Nothing that I can think of had changed ...except possible one thing....did I start the second spray too soon..before the de greaser had a chance to evaporate? Anybody else had 2k base react to de greaser?


Just to confirm that you put basecoat on the complete car, then came back and wiped it down with degreaser, then sprayed a second coat?