Rust Oleum Clear Coat challenge


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I'm working on a motorcycle faring that's plastic. I have laid the two base coat colors, red and silver. I had done the appropriate sanding over areas and laid the first tacky coats today of clear. Once I laid the first 3 light coats, as expected, all the dull areas I wet sanded blended and became glossy and consistent again. I then laid the top/wet coats of clear 48 hours later and all other areas looked even better and had that final glossy consistency.

The problem is only one area where the silver is, is not, it's still dull in the sanded spot. The sanded spot is remaining dull and not the same as the rest of the faring. It did lighten up a hair but not all the way. I expected that after I laid the full wet/top coats of clear that this would've brought out the dullness and back to the normal gloss color it once was. I don't know why it worked so well on the other areas except for this one. I didn't burn all the way through the base either, it was a very light sanding, so I thought it would've lightened back up along with everywhere else. I wet sanded all the areas on the fairing exactly the same so this is a head scratcher.

Please let me know if I messed up and have to restart and do a full touch up.

I really appreciate it guys, thank you!!


Silver acts differently than other colors. I don't see any pics to go by but you may have needed to paint the complete area for the silver.
I'm not for sure if you mean that the silver is "dull" - when you clear over it, it's the clearcoat that would be the sheen whether it's gloss, matte, flat.... The silver is just 'color'

Maybe when you blended it, the color was not close but you expected it to lighten and blend in better once it's clearcoated.

Possibly you can add some pics - that might help