Resperator Help Please


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Getting back into doing some painting again after having been away from it for about the last twenty years. Would consider any advice offered on equipment, but right now I am looking at resperators, the half face type. Last time i painted we were still using acrylic laquers, and Imron had just been introduced. I want to make certain I get the correct protection for today's paints. Not looking to do all over ccar jobs, just smaller items such as motorcycle tamks or maybe a rifle stock. Would be interested in any current how to articles out there or videos. As I remember it House of Kolor had THE products, does this still hold true. Any advice offered would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike.


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We use the SAS & 3M disposable respirators, by the time you buy a respirator and the get replacement cartridges you can just buy a new disposable one that protects just as well.