Perfect finish and color sander.


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I’ve been painting for a long time always looking for the perfect finish color sander. What I have been using for several years now with perfect results is a $40 10” random orbital buffer. I use a lo tack glue on the bare foam face of the buffer and stick a full sheet 9x11 sandpaper on the buffer. Start out with a light touch and then start moving the buffer. The large sanding area spans a large area giving the perfectly smooth surface. Works great for me. Get mirror like finishes. I use a Sata guns and mostly SATA gravity feed touch up gun to get my best finishes.
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For $40 I'm assuming this is not a variable speed buffer?
Possibly Harbor Freight?


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Actually it was a Turtle Wax buffer that a customer bought and gave to because it quit working. I took it apart and found a wire pulled out of the switch. Prior to this I had been gluing 1/2 inch open cell rubber to my DA pads to get smoother finishing. Got the buffer idea when I fixed the Turle Wax buffer.