painting plastic.

Brian Dee

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Here's a tip if your doing plastic parts such as dirt bikes.Sometimes getting paint to stick is kind of hit and miss sometimes. Get this,get a small propane torch and lightly waft it over the bare plastic. somehow this changes the molecular structure of the surface. Now apply your adhesion promotor as usual and carry on. Again it's an old trick,been around for awhile. By doing this the paint will stick like s*** to a blanket. Giver a try just don't do a true fire effect with the torch.


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I am going to try that next time I paint belly pans on a Sled, I have had great luck so far but this may help even more, Thanks


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why do these morons think that a paint forum would even be remotely inerested in there particular brand of crap.??


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UPDATE!!!!!! I was just at wall mart in the spray paint section and saw a paint for plastic projects. I don't remember the brand name (I was trying to decide which type of clear coat to buy) but it was right there along with all the other spray paints and it looked like there was a decent selection of colors as well

hope this helps


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If you want the best adhesion you can get... here is my advice... Sand the SH&*(&( out of the plastic with 180 grit.... blow it off... wipe off all excess shreds of plastic... then use a 2k urethane primer... follow the directions....i recommend 4-5 coats... then sand with 320 dry sandpaper... then 600 wet... and your in business!! base it, and clear it... as far as adhesion, i dont necessarily like adhesion promoters, because there is no mechanical bond... anyways....................... depending this plastics daily abuses, you may want to add a flexible additive to your products...


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I use a flexible plastic primer for both motorcycle panels and bare bumpers to have a flexible coating. Sanding ofcourse is the best way to make it stick and blow torching it will create more adhesion than baking.:bigokay:


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I am going to try that when I colour tummy dishes on a Snowmobile, I have had excellent fortune so far but this may help even more, Thanks