Painting a decal on tank question...


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You'll need to prep the tank - 1000 grit wetsand should be fine.
Do your airbrush. Then reclear using the correct amount of flattening agent in the clearcoat.
The more you put in, the flatter the clear will get.

Sounds like you've never done this before, so I would suggest doing test panels to get the correct mixture of flattening agent and the already reduced clearcoat.

JT Airbrush

As an airbrush artist, I have painted quite a few bikes and Taz has given you great advice. You must prep and reclear the entire tank, not just the area you are airbrushing. If you are using water based paints for your airbrushing, I suggest sanding with no finer than 800 grit. You need a bit more tooth for the water based paints. I also like to go over the 800 grit sanding with a grey scotchbrite pad just to ensure a super smooth surface and to make sure I didn't miss any hard to reach areas.