Paint bleeding under fine line tape


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Hi everyone.
Quick introduice, last year i started my own bike repair shop in belgium. I had some background in car bodyshop repair( forgive me if my engels sometimes isnt good) and now i repaint damage to bicycles. It isnt the entire bicycle just a spot repair. I paint with aerosol cans and top it of with a 2k clear coat with a spray gun. I know probably some of you are thinking why dont you do everything with the spraygun but i find it easyer to do the paint with a spray can for now. I the future i want to use a airbrush but i havent had to much practice with that.
But now my question. When i have to paint graphics or a logo i use fine line tape or i make the logo on a plotter. But when i put the fine line tape on the bike an i have to make cross overs with the tape my paint bleeds under the tape. I use the blue tape from 3M and when i apply it i always press down on the corners so it doesnt have a little gap but still it gets under there.
Does anyone have any tips on how to prevent this? One thing i tried is that i first spray the color that is under the logo so when it seeps under the tape you dont see the difference but mayby there are other methodes.
Hope to get some tips from you guys.


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Hi and welcome,

There are only a couple things I can think of.

1- you are using spray can paint so the paint is probably an enamel. So possibly the tape is lifting since it's not dry enough.

2-I assume since you are doing bicycle frames that the curves you do are very tight, so possibly you are using too wide of fineline.
Possibly you are using 1/8". If you are try the 3M 1/16" green tape - part number 6306

Hopefully one of these.

Also, you may want to check into these guns to help you out.
They also have a swivel cups
These are GREAT for smaller areas. I have 4 of them.
They run $55-$65 USD

Iwata W-101
Spray Guns


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Hi thanks for the quick reply. I dont quite understand what you mean by the paint is probably an enamel? I let the paint dry a hole day so its dry i think. I use the 1/8” blue tape but in belgium we dont have the green one. I look if i can order it from amazon.
The spray guns look very good, what needle do you use to paint and can i get good result on a small surface?