Outlined flames w/ an Airbrush


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Thanks, it wound up coming out pretty good. That is my first go with one on an actual project that I was getting paid for lol. I've used one before but not for anything with that long of lines. Stupid trigger keeps getting stuck and allows air to go through. Any tips for that? Its an Iwata Eclipse.

Pics of the fender after wetsand and buff


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very nice bike. Your flames are in keeping with the style of the bike. Good design. Sounds as though the air valve in your AB is a little gummed up. it can be removed from the bottom, (where the hose connects to it) Be careful though there's a little spring in there that has a habit of flying accross the room. Clean the valve,and while it's apart might as well replace the little o ring. Apply a little AB lube on it and your good to go. This diagram might help
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For whatever its worth that little O-ring in the air inlet valve in your airbrush isn't available by itself, you have to buy the entire valve, which is relatively cheap. You have to be careful when cleaning the gun not to soak the gun such that the air valve is immersed in L-thinner. The O-ring swells up and stops the valve from moving properly. You can take it apart and just lay the little O-ring out in the sun for a couple of hours and it will shrink back down, but that fix only lasts for a couple of uses and it will start sticking again. The drying out thing just gives you some time to order a new air valve. The part number on the valve is "1 505 1", I think the spare one I have here cost me something like $12, but I really don't recall exactly.


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Guy was happy with it, is supposed to be bringing me all of the parts today for a redo on the fender and add flames to the tank and rear as well =)


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Got it sanded down better today, lol. Had to go at it with 400 then went to 800 to knock down some of the scratches. Got the black base, metallic mid-coat, and intercoat layed down today.



I have a Raider in the shop right now in which I'm spraying the same parts!
Going to be a candy color with a satin black dash!


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Hey 801, looks like I'm doing a similar project as yours. I just practiced my marbeling and am stoked with my first attempt. When I have time the bike will be next.
My next stage is learning how to do the flames like you did with the airbrush on the black bike. That's the style I want to achieve, so if you don't mind, can you lay out the steps you took to get it done.
BTW, truly admiring your work brother.

(My plan is to do the whole bike with the orange marble effect, and attempt to do the ghost flames like yours in a BBS gold)


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So when I initially did that front fender, it was just a black gel coat (if I recall correctly).

1) Scuffed it with a red scotch pad.
2) Sprayed the black base
3) Sprayed the metallic mid coat
4) Clear
5) Wetsand
6) Lay out the flames
7) Airbrushed around the tape out line. Pattern was half on the flame, half on the tape.
8) Clear
9) Wetsand and buff

Hope that answers your questions :)


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Awesome thanks man.
Just wondering if you used the HOK tangerine the same way I did. I used the Koncentrate so I more or less made a tinted clear, let it cure and then cleared over that. Is that what you did too?
I posted the pic of my cellphone case in the other thread about your marbelize attempt.