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First time poster here,

I’m in the process of repainting one of my BMWs, what kind of epoxy primer would you guys recommend of using?

Some areas I had to sand down to bare metal. I painted a car once but it didn’t come out “showroom quality” on the other hand I learned quite a bit on prep and what it takes to really have a flawless finish.

To give some reference on this project,
BMW 363 Biarritz blue metallic
-what brands of base coat would be recommended for the upmost quality finish.
-clear coat recommendations

I had rented a booth which the man is no longer in business due to personal family reasons.
If anyone in the West coast of FL in the Tampa-clearwater-Sarasota area willing to rent me a booth please let me know.


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Every painter has his own preferences. I used to use House of Kolor KP-2 exclusively. It was very easy to use, and it performed all the functions of a primer. Great adhesion, good filling properties, easy sanding, and acts as a sealer. All in one!
The price of it has gone through the roof, though, and now I use Tamco brand. I usually use the 771 series epoxy as an adhesion coat to bare substrates, and then use the 500 series high build to finish, and block out. So far, so good, and great price!
For color and clear, all the major manufacturers have good products. I would recommend using their premium line, NOT the cheaper, car lot line. I would also recommend using the same brand clear, for someone not experienced. And, of course, use the same brand for your hardeners, and reducers. Do not mix and match!


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Yep, that was me. Sorry I couldn't help you out. . Wife was diagnosed with glioblastoma brain cancer. The worst brain cancer you can have
Had to close down Attitude Custom Painting after 21 years.
Hindsight, I could have kept it open, but Jan-March were absolute hell.
She is still alive, and she's "okay" right now, but but prognosis is not good with GBM. No known cure

The last video I did on my YouTube Channel

After 3 1/2 months, I got a job at Bert's Harley-Davidson which they and I have been working on getting a bodyshop together.
I doubt if they will let me rent the booth out, but it's nice that that did 'take me under their wing' through this very trying time and pay me while I can choose my own hours to tend to the wife
It does sound like they will also let me continue my YouTube channel....but hard to focus on anything but, well.... life right now.
Dang, she's only 57 and we've been married 37+ years.
Life took a very hard right turn on us.

Anyways. Hope you find someone to rent the booth to you. I've had several people wanting to rent. Maybe I can talk Bert's into it.
It'll be a few months.

Chopolds.....you're awesome, great detailed responses. I really appreciate all your input and help.
You're the best . My plate is full right now. Keep up the good work. It's much appreciated.


So sorry to hear about your wife, Taz. It takes all your energy and time to deal with a loved one with cancer. Please continue making her your priority. Sending prayers....