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All, need input. 1985 fiberglass 40 foot motorcoach. Not sure what paint/clear was on it. The owners book said acrylic urethane. I think camper was repainted/cleared at some point but not sure. I rubbed a spot with lacquer thinner and got no reaction. In fact, the lacquer thinner seemed to bring the color out. I want to paint with lacquer paint/clear but concerned if it is still original acrylic urethane. How can I tell for sure? Thank you so much for any advice.


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I'm not for sure why you would want to spray lacquer but if you need to, just spray a tad bit dryer and use a cold thinner.
If you didn't get a reaction with the thinner, you should be all right!
Watch if you feather any areas because the very edge will be 'thin' so it will react faster than the regular thickness paint