New project in shop, Barris Kustom!


Just got this one in, a 1940 Ford, originally built by Bob Crespo, and finished by George Barris, in the early 60's. Called "Les PoPo", it was sectioned (cut through the body) 8 inches, fenders molded, custom grill, and headlights, Chrysler tails, molded in license plate, etc.
The restoration was started by noted Barris and Roth collector, Mark Moriarty, and bought by Mike Mirando who is working on finishing it. My part is to do final prep and paint on it. I believe it was finished in SKyline Blue Metalflake, with darker Candy Blue fogging.LesPoPo_1.jpgLesPoPo_3.jpg


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Interesting, kinda funky looking thing. Almost looks like a VW Bug that has been customized.

So, what are the plans as far as color?


Blue flake, with darker blue Candy fogging around the edges, hopefully duplicating the original Barris paint/.


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Hard to tell in the pic what size flake. For your sake, hopefully small or medium. I agree with BeoBob, kind of a VW, 32, 34, 40 mix of years and cars.
Very cool though. Lot's of history! Anxious to see updates