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Howdy, folks!

My name is John (aka TechnoToad) and I live in the Atlanta area. Mostly interested in learning how to paint large rockets. I'm putting together a setup for painting my projects, all the way from small Estes size rockets all the way up to high-power projects. (My largest, to date, was 10.5' tall, 7.5" diameter. I had it custom-painted by a body shop, but want to paint my own, now.)

So far, I've got some Createx paints, an Anest-Iwata Airgunsa AZ3 HTE2 HVLP w/1.3mm nozzle. Looking for an affordable air compressor that can handle rocket painting. I'm here to learn, as I am not an expert on anything paint related.

Here's a picture of the rocket mentioned above. That was in 2000.