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Hey Guys, I'm ashamed to admit it but I started painting cars about 25 years ago. I unfortunately, as I got older started managing shops and got away from painting as much as I once did. Well a couple of years ago I started back doing a good bit of Resto work from home for about a year. Then again I it had been about 8mths since doing a car and I bought a 68 Impala Wagon that I Resto-Modded. I painted it single stage flat black and I've got some trash in the hood and a hellova run across the tailgate. Please one of you that is more experienced and familiar with some of the new products, tell mehowI can color sand & buff the trash & runs out. I would truly appreciate any advise.
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I shave runs and chunks flat with a razor blade then block with 1500 wet then 3000 wet and buff good luck