Need help and avice


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How and what should I do to achieve this color. Midnight purple. I can't find colors to get this results. All advice is wanted.


The man in the video said, it was a pink-lavender color, over the blue metallic. With ANY custom paint, especially a "Candy" color, like this one, you have to experiment, with base colors,. and candies to get the effect, and color you want. It's not easy, not fast, and not recommended for beginners!


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Custom paint is one of the hottest trends right now. You can find a wide range of colors and designs available. The reason why people go crazy over custom paint is simple: it's generally just more fun. Any paint will do if it's enough of an improvement over the stock paint. Nothing beats a good prototype when it comes to determining what will sell well and whatnot. Anyway, I always use the services of the best experts in custom paints. You can find more information here about the people who are making paintings for me. You won't be disappointed.
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