Need Advice on a spray gun with low SCFM rating.


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Hey Guys. I have a 20 gallon, 5HP, 8.1 SCFM @ 40 psi compressor.

I need to find a gun to match my compressors output, and a gun I can paint a full vehicle with. I am not looking for a show quality finish and will be spraying single stage material. After several hours of reading online I am convinced that a LVLP gun will be best for my needs. My price range is under $200 for gun, cup, & reg. I also like that the LVLP has a better effeciancy rating with less overspray since I will be painting in my garage and driveway.

I found a Warwick 904 HE/LE at my local shop. It is a standard HVLP gun and comes with the HVLP air cap. But, Warwick sells a LVLP cap for that gun as well. With HVLP cap on its puts out 9cfm @ 29psi. With LVLP cap it puts out 8cfm @ 29psi. The operating SCFM is listed as 7-10psi, with 7psi most likely with the LVLP cap right? The shop is sourcing the "LVLP" cap for price and availbility and I hope to hear from them soon. ( I wanted to paint the fendors yesterday). Here is a link to the gun

So, since the guns input is only 29psi, and has a SCFM range of 7-10psi. And my compressor is rated at 8.1 SCFM at 40 PSI I should be plent good with the LVLP cap right? Even with my compressor running flat out the gun should have enough air right?

Now I know it will run hot like that with continuous use so my future plan is to setup a air system off my compressor with steel pipe and a water trap, then a nice length of hose and a disposable ball filter. But for now I just need to get the fenders sprayed.

What do you guys think? Any other guns in that price range that are LVLP I should be looking at? And I know that a lower SCFM rating means less volume and slower to paint with and I am ok with that. I just need to find the best gun for my compressor, that I can afford, and that will give me the best results given those two conditions. Thanks.

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