Need advice how to get a certain effect


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I am painting a custom bass guitar and I am looking for suggestions on how to get a "cracked ice?" effect similar to this.SHCIB2.jpgSHcrackedIceBass.jpg


"Back in the day" Metalflake Corp. used to make a paint system to do that sort of effect. Called "Vrackle" or something. You might check to see if they are still in business.


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I used Vreeble one time, I think it was in the late 70's, and ended up taking it off. It took lot of clear coat to bury it, granted back then it was acrylic laquer and didn't have a high build but even today it still would take a lot of clear to bury it. I'm not sure how you could replicate that look. I believe PPG had something in their Refinish mag several years ago about how to replicate that look so you might start at a good PPG dealer.


Alsa corp has something like that. It's more of a crystalized effect. Then you can candy over it.
I don't know if they still sell it. They have all kinds of special effect paints.