Motorcycle tank paint


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Hello..this is my latest work for custom paint tank.
Just need help and feedback. Thank you.

And also i upload the processing video on yt, feel free to search 'oalahzie'


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<a href=""><FONT COLOR="#000000">One of the best paint jobs</FONT></a> that I've seen. Looks like original. Good job! If you've got more images of your other paint jobs, please share.
I'm totally agree with him. Very impressive.
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I have bought Dupli-Color pakistan news spray paint for my Yamaha YZF-R1 to color its tank can someone tell is it ok to color my bike with it i am worried about that will this damage my bike tank as i have never used Dupli-Colors brand ever.
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Nice colour scheme. The only problem i see is the fine line looks uneven. I don't know if its the picture angle.