metal flake gun?



I just got a job to do 4 vw trikes and they all have to be done in large flake. anyone know what type of gun to use for this stuff.


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I just used a metal flake gun for the first time. I need to practice more but one thing I need to do next time is lower the air pressure.....a lot! I think I over loaded the tank with flakes and it's always a problem to sand it without making damage to the flakes. I'm attaching a pic of my last flakes job. The little white dots are flakes that turned white because of the sanding. This is my sencond flake job BTW and I had same problem the first time. I burried the flakes under a lot of clear and still had this problem and never got a real smooth finish. The first time I applied the flakes manually with a home made shaker.


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I'm going to piggy back my question onto this thread:

I'm looking to buy a paint set-up that I'll be able to use with an Iwata airbrush all the way up to a flake gun like this Bomber 2.5:

What I need to know is the minimum size air compressor I need. I'm hoping that this will work for my needs:

I'm not painting cars or motorcycles. I'm painting steel sculptures with not a lot of surface area. The largest area I might paint at one time would probably be about 3'x3'. Would the above compressor be able to supply enough air to the flake gun?

Cheers for any thoughts and advice!


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Check out franky's speeds hop on YouTube the guy is a wizard with flake he even made a coffee machine look cool, he used a devilbiss pri gun with a 2.5 fluid needle but I can't remember the aircap

Just realised how old this post was ill leave my comment anyway incase it helps anybody else