Match Ruby Red by Epic


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Last summer I bought some dark ruby red number 8009 from epic colorz. The painter I’m using said that 2 gallons would be more than enough but of course he ran out saying that he didn’t realize it was a transparent paint. Epic colorz is either out of business or going out of business. I was able to get in touch with a guy name Ray but going on two weeks and no order has been filled or shipped. I’m not a painter personally but what I know about this paint is it is a transparent base coat with diamond flake in it. In the small town Where I live we do have PPG, SW, Axalto etc. but my painter had them try to match this but it came nowhere close. Any suggestions? Has anyone heard of epic colorz? They seem to have a great color line but can only find them from this one website. This is going on a first GEN Camaro that has been taken down to metal, primed, cut in with this color and two coats applied. I’m trying to avoid having to get the body shop guy to tear the car back apart to re-cut things back in if I have to switch colors.


Best bet is to go to a new color, from a well known source. This way, this can't happen again. Axalta, PPG, House of Kolor, all have custom paints.