Made it big!


Got this Email last week, announcing a full feature on the Barris truck clone, the Kopper Kart, in the Rodder's Journal! It's the most prestigious rod and custom magazine out there. It only comes out 4 times a year, with coffee table quality photography, and high quality stories. The longest, most difficult build I've ever done. I can't even begin to explain the time, and effort that we ( it was a group effort, including the owner, his brother, and the guys in my shop) put in to build this exact copy of this old Kustom. It had been featured in many other mags, just about all the popular ones out there, but this one is very special.Kart_RoddersJournal.jpg


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Wow, that is AWESOME. Congrats. I'm telling you, that does look like it was a TON of work.
What a great piece you did there.

Congrats on the write-up!!!!