looking to get into airbrushing


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Forgive me if this has been brought up before and I just couldn't find it on here, or if this is in the wrong forum:

I am looking into getting an airbrush, mainly just for shadowing around letters and flame licks, as I have tried in the past and found out I cannot do the freehand stuff I've seen you guys doing. I just get tired of running back and forth between home and shop to do some detail painting as my shop isn't right by my house.

What I was wondering is if any of you guys shoot larger areas with your airbrushes(like a 6"x6" area) or if you can plug a small gravity feed(like HVLP touchup) gun into your airbrush compressor? Or if you will just base your larger areas using a gun with a larger compressor?

Any advice or input is greatly appreciated, right now I run Devilbiss GTI, Tekna ProLite, and soon an Iwata Supernova for clear, so i'm familiar with painting bigger stuff with those guns.


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I personally use the Iwata W-100 gun for smaller to medium painting.
The airbrush shadowing and fine painting, I use an Iwata Eclipse.
For the very small detail airbrushing, I have a Iwata Micron. I don't use this very often though.
My extent of airbrushing is good for shadowing, drop shadows, and things like that.

I use a large compressor for everything. I just have a regulator set up on my bench for the airbrushes.

I'm basically a 'car' painter that loves doing motorcycles and cars.


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Thanks Taz! I think you're similar to me, I restore cars for a living and that is the majority of what I do, but I love doing bikes and other 'artwork' for people. It just seemed to me that some of my stuff was missing something, that detail to make it finished. I would like to add shadows and whatnot to some stuff like my brother's 'house divided' mailbox that has a stripe down the side that has jagged edges to look similar to a tear between the 2 colors the opposing schools on each side of the box. I was assuming that I would have to just use a big compressor with regulators for airbrushing.