lacquer based paints question


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Hi folks,
I'd like to paint my motorcycle. I have a lot of Mr. Color brand acrylic paints which have a lacquer base. I want the base color to be a Toyota color which I have yet to purchase but imagine it will be a urethane. I'd like to have a clear matte finish which I also expect to be urethane. Does anyone have experience with Mr. Color brand paints? They're mostly used by modelers. They're amazing paints by themselves but I'm not sure what the possible reactions may be. Thank you kindly.
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Hi Darrell,

I've never even heard of it.
From what I gather you are not using Mr Color paints since you have to order the Toyota color in urethane. Then you will be using a clearcoat which is also a urethane.
Where would the Mr Color lacquer come into play in your paint job?


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The Toyota color would be the base color only. The Mr. Color lacquers would be used for the illustration I plan for the tank. Sorry for the confusion. I've decided to play it safe and just buy HOC airbrush paint. Keep it all urethane.