I have no idea what I'm doing.


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So guys I've went and bought a spray gun from harbor freight. I got the nicest one they had. Then I've tried to filter my system the best I can but my compressor isn't the biggest. Next I went and got tractor paint and went to town prepping and googling how to do this. I read to thin the color to 3:1 but this seemed way to thin. There were a couple runs. The primer which didn't get mixed went on great. Here's a few pictures to show you guys what I've got going. Anything helpful would be greatly appreciated guys!! It won't let me upload my pics they're too large...


I don't think I've seen a basecoat that was reduced 3 to 1. Most are 1 to 1 with an occasional 2 to 1.

You don't need to put the basecoat on heavy. You just want to give it 'color'. Then you want to do your clearcoat.
Spray a medium wet coat of clear, let it tack (do the tack test). Then put on the next coat of clear.
Medium wetcoats of the basecoat should work as well