How-to; Lace Painting!


This is a pretty easy technique, started in the early 60's by the "god" of custom painting, Larry Watson. Makes for a nice look on 60's customs, lowriders, even race cars had this! So I decide to bring it into the new millenium, and do something on my niece's brand new Honda.
Start with taping off your area to be laced. I like to be conservative, "less is more". The effect is pretty outstanding, so you don't need to put a lot of it on a car to get noticed.
Go to the local fabric store and buy a nice pattern for the artwork. Remember, as well as a good design, pick one that has a nice balance of open vs. filled areas. Too much of either makes for a lousy paint design, even if the lace looks good itself.
Lay the lace out on your pattern trim the edges, and tape it down. Keep it taut, but not too tight, as it will distort the design. If you're doing a large curved area, you might want to spray the lace with a low tack adhesive to keep it stuck, and be removed easily, without leaving residue behind.
Lightly spray your color over it. On this job I also wanted to fog the edges, so after removing the lace, I did so, with the gun patter set on narrow, and fogging it from the outer edges in, for a nice fade.
My niece also likes the look of black and pink together, so I added a 1/8" stripe around the rally stripes, to do in black. I couldn't find my HOK balck pinstriping paint, so I brushed on some black basecoat. One Shot paint sometimes winds up wrinkling under acoat of clear, so I avoided using it.
Next, clear the panels....light cut and buff, and finished!
Hope you enjoyed it!


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Thanks for the addition of the How-To
Great step by step pics!!!


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wickedly awesome!! might show this to the owner of the car I have in at this time. she wants something "different". this just might fit the bill.